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    GearSprout is announcing our first piece of video cleaning software: SproutConverter. This OS X 10.6+ application is designed to clean and remove video noise, video distortion, blank spaces, static, and user defined frames from video files. If there are any blank or distorted frames in a video, existing video editing software requires that you manually remove them. This process requires repetition involving manual search and removal.

    SproutConverter removes unintended alterations of digital video files including blank spaces, static, noise, artifacts, feedback, errors, distortions, and other unintended deformities. The video sections are cleaned and then rendered to a format of the userís choosing. It also functions as a video format converter so you can convert your file from one format to another with or without cleaning.

    The full and demo versions of SproutConverter are available on our website at GearSprout or you may also purchase it on the Mac App Store at

    A Windows version is in the planning stages and we'll be making an announcement once we have more information about it.

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    So are you claiming there is not a single product in the world wide market that is capable of batch converting video files to remove unwanted content?

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    It is certainly possible that there may be software out there that does this, but to our knowledge there is not. SproutConverter was actually conceptualized and created because we had a need to clean a lot of our videos and we couldn't find any software that would do it for us. Thus, SproutConverter was created! I'd be happy to answer any more questions you have on the subject or just talk about it if you would like.

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