Pure Motion is proud to announce the release of 2 great bundles for video enthusiasts:

EditStudio 5 Home + DVD-lab Studio
EditStudio 5 Pro + DVD-lab Pro

EditStudio offers power beyond the budget editor while still remaining affordable and easy to use. Pure Motion has always taken a no-nonsense approach when developing EditStudio, concentrating not on the bells and whistles but on the core features required by the advanced home user through to the semi- or full-time professional.

Building on the stable platform of EditStudio 4, Pure Motion has listened hard to its customers, making changes to improve workflow and productivity. Additionally, powerful image processing features have been added that provide the same capabilities for video as are currently available for digital camera images. New audio tools now ensures that EditStudio is a complete audio editing and mixing package.

DVD-lab Studio is the latest version of the popular DVD-lab program by MediaChance. DVD-lab Studio provides all the flexibility of design that is offered by DVD-lab Standard, but adds support for subtitles and multiple audio streams. DVD-lab Studio is the ideal complement to EditStudio 5 Home for video enthusiasts on a budget.


- Timeline editing, for more flexibility and power than simpler "storyboard" editors.
- Ripple editing, allowing items to be inserted and deleted with space being created and deleted easily.
- New tools to easily cut out or keep sections of video.
- Auto transitions and crossfades; overlap 2 items to automatically create a transition.
- Full quality picture zooming and panning, sometimes called "The Ken Burns effect".
- Route Tracer for showing routes across a map, or animated graphs.
- Knock Out effect, for removing unwanted logos and text from video.
- Split screen and picture-in-picture.
- Speed up, slow down and reverse video.
- Chromakeying for blue/greenscreen removal.
- 3 point colour correction for professional image quality matching or colourisation.
- Video keyframes (EditStudio Pro only).
- Personal, friendly support.
- 195 page manual, including introductory tutorial and reference section for all effects.
- Online tutorials on many varied subjects.
- Audio keyframes for volume, balance, pan.
- Audio effects including 5 band equaliser.
- Speed up, slow down and reverse audio.
- Unlimited layers (EditStudio Pro only).
- Analogue and DV capture.
- DV batch capture.
- Auto scene detection during or after capture
- Import video from most digital cameras.
- Media Explorer helps keep all your media organised.
- Save effect presets for later use; share presets across projects.
- Free developer SDK available.
- Create movies for DVD, along with chapters and subtitles when used with DVD-lab.
- Supports AVI, DV, MPEG (1 and 2), QuickTime, Windows Media, WAV, MP3, JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIF.

For more information on EditStudio, see:



- Multiple audio tracks (2 audio tracks maximum for DVD-lab Studio).
- Subtitles (1 subtitle maximum for DVD-lab Studio).
- Editable backgrounds, buttons, frames and text.
- Shadows and transparency.
- Menu effects using the unique Gen-EFX tool.
- Slideshow feature with background audio.
- Move, Slide Pan, Zoom from one menu to another in seamless fashion. Or use cool effects such as Random Burning, Page Curl or one of the many other filters.
- The Connections window helps you organize your DVD. Connect movies together as you like, set timeout for menus, see the whole design right in front of you.
- Standard 4:3 and widescreen 16:9 aspect ratio.
- PAL and NTSC.
- Up to 99 titles per DVD.
- Support for elementary MPEG streams
- Demultiplexing option.
- Import MPV, MPEG, VOB or Panasonic VRO.
- MPEG, AC-3, DTS, WAV or AIFF audio import.
- Multiple undo and redo.
- Long process such as DVD compile or demuxing is done in the background. You can compile a DVD project and start working on another in the meantime.
- DVD-lab NTSC safe colours produces an accurate output by simulating and also showing you the video signal voltage.
- Many DVD players today are able to play DVD's which do not exactly conform to the official DVD specifications. DVD-lab is easy on restrictions. In questionable cases, it will issue a warning but let you to continue. That means if your DVD player can handle it, you can create DVDs with SVCD movies on them (about 6 SVCD discs on one DVD) or directly use SATV mpeg-2 files (544x480/576).
- Add additional files to a DVD which can be read by a PC.
- DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW burning all supported.

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Product Range

- EditStudio Home offers power well beyond the budget editors at very competitive price.

- EditStudio Pro builds on EditStudio Home by offering unlimited layers and keyframes. This gives the user professional levels of power at a price well below other professional editors.

- DVD-lab Studio is the most powerful DVD authoring program for the price, bar none. Not only does it allow users to totally customise the DVD menus, it provides features like subtitles and additional audio streams.

- DVD-lab Pro is the full featured, professional level program. This version gives the user control over most aspects of the DVD structure, allowing great flexibility for creating professional or commercial DVDs.

Trial versions of all the programs can be downloaded from:


Bundle Deals

Pure Motion provides two great value bundles:

- EditStudio 5 Home + DVD-lab Studio, 99.99 GBP

- EditStudio 5 Pro + DVD-lab Pro, 179.00 GBP

The programs are also available separately, full prices are at:



Pure Motion is very proud of its record of customer support. Staff always respond to emails and usually within an hour during office hours. The website forum is also frequented by Pure Motion staff as well as the knowledgeable EditStudio "regulars".

Existing EditStudio users can upgrade from any older version of EditStudio for a small cost. Additionally, customers who purchased EditStudio after October 1st 2004 receive EditStudio 5 for free.

About Pure Motion

Pure Motion is a small team of enthusiastic developers who are committed to producing powerful, stable and quality software at a price that everyone can afford. Visit www.puremotion.com for more information.