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Thread: I'm after some hits for my latest video please

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    Default I'm after some hits for my latest video please

    Hi Gang

    I know I'm new but it would be great if I could get some hits on my latest videos. It was taken at the Jump & Fly event in Munich last week.

    Sport Eagle TV Jump and Fly Munich 2012, Munich, 5th June 2012 - YouTube

    It was recorded on a Sony CX250 and editing in VideoPad. You may notice the poster at the beginning getting chopped before it flips, that's just one of the faults of the software I'm afraid.

    Any feedback would be nice but especially ideas for improvement. I'm new to this, it's a hobby that I've not trained for but am determined to become competent at and I'm considering an RC helicopter and GoPro already for when covering outdoor sports events.

    Cheers all


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    I think you did a great job with this.

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    Thank you. Considering the limited resources it's ok. I'd like to be able to easily lower the music when the announcers speaks over the top but I'm hoping Sony Vegas will offer that feature.

    Just check out the size comparison between the professional TV crew camera and mine.


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    Considering your resources you did much better than just ok. Vegas has an audio envelope (rubber band) that lets you fine tune the levels of each event on the time line. So you can fade down the backing music as the presenter begins to talk, then fade it up again.
    Just right click on a blank part of the track and select insert/remove envelope then select volume.

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    I will help pimp your page. i am all about helping others. Especially those who share similar interests.

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