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    Default Cyprus - Protaras - Postcards

    The video is split into 4 "Postcards", similar to the ones you post home, but animated.

    These postcards highlight Protaras's main attractions.

    The "Must See" attraction, if you visit Protaras is the "Magic Dancing Waters Show" which appears in the final scene.

    The music consists of 4 different arrangements of Zorba's Dance, the last being a fast "Club Remix".
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    There are some lovely shots in here. Unfortunately the whole thing is spoilt for me by the use of the split screen throughout which I found a big distraction and in the end an annoyance. Occasionally it worked well (like the "mirror" shots of the girl wakeboarding) and it worked fine for the closing dancing water show but for the rest it was not for me. What was your thinking behind presenting it as such?

    I've used fast cut split screen shots myself, the idea being to give a "flavour" rather than to let people take in the detail, but I'd only use it for a very short sequence (or indeed a one minute film - )

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    I created it to look like the multi-image postcards you post home from your holiday venue - but animated.

    I agree, the last postcard of the animated water show works the best.

    I used extra audio FX of explosions etc. which sound better on headphones.

    I recall the holiday was the hottest on record - 53 degrees Centigrade so couldn't do that much active exploration.

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    I thought the 4 way split screen worked well at start and did give a postcard look as a good introdcution.
    However like Tim I found the split screen past that point a bit distracting
    Maybe use periodically ?????

    Overall I Liked it though

    Well done


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