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Thread: Fireworks Set to Music - London - New Year's Eve

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    Default Fireworks Set to Music - London - New Year's Eve

    The video is a montage of London's New Year's Eve firework celebrations.

    Compiled from several years of footage accompanied by Katy Perry singing "Firework".

    I needed to synchronize the video to the music and add extra explosions to enhance the audio experience.
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    Well Harvey, I couldn't tell the difference between the real fireworks and the sound of the ones you added so you mixed them in well. I like that you included the people shots like the one at 2:25 etc. it has given the video a bit more human element. May be a few more would have been better. Is this all footage you got from the BBC ? We do have a section of the forum for work that you did not shoot your self, it's the Fan Video section.

    I like a good firework display. Thanks for posting.

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