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Thread: Filming tips for dance videos

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    Default Filming tips for dance videos

    So I'm filming some street dance stuff soon and I want to try and make it look a bit funkier.
    In music vids I've utilised talc or water on drum skins to make a drummer look even more awesome and create some cool slowmo pieces. I'm thinking in principle if I dust up my dancers a lot or get them to dance on dusty surfaces I'll get similar effects.

    Wondering wether anyone else has played with this sort of thing before?

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    If they are in a studio a bit of smoke and a lot of back light looks good. I've seen dust on the dancers shoulders use to good effect before. Just remember the close ups as well as the long shots and you should be fine. I would say lighting is the key to a dance scene rather than dust or water or other tricks, that's what will make the video shine or not.

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