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Thread: Home Made Home Invasion

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    Hi, here is a video I made and it would be cool if you could check it out and let me know what you think! Thanks!

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    I liked the idea of miss-directing the audience and I thought you built up the tension very well. Where did you get the music from for the walking down the stairs section ?

    To improve the filming try and take the camera out of auto mode if you can. It will give you more control over how the image looks.

    Well done.

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    As I have said before if a video doesn't get my attention within the first 30 seconds I leave. But this I watched to the end. i thought this was well done, and creative in the element of suspense. The close up shots were good in that it fitted the background music and kept the tension going. "Whats about to happen next" The fighting clip was well done. And the ending well thought out. So its a Yes from me. Well done! And welcome to the forum.

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    Thanks for the positive feedback guys, appreciate it . The music I used was from VideoCopilots Pro Scores package which is awesome. The camera was on manual as I played around with the shutter speed but I didn't do much else so next time I will have a proper look at changing the image

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    Great twist ..... I didn't guess.......
    loved the staircase section (multiple shots/angles etc and use of music to build tension)

    You really had my attention all the way.

    Well done

    P.s - Yes improving the quality buy playing with iris and Shutter speed would be great as the content is really good!!

    For example Spielberg used a very high shutter speed in the beach landing scene in "Saving Private Ryan" to make the audience feel uncomfortable

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    excellent ! well shot, nice angles nice edit. my only criticism was the fight scene where one or two of the strikes were a little slow and a bit too choreographed.

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    Thanks again and next time i would probably increase the shutter speed even more during the fight scene and I agree with parts of the fight being a tad too slow; however next time I shall take this into account.

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    Nice job. I was a little concerned that we were hosing to get a bit of hosing with the camera going back and forth in the first two shots (following the path of the DVDs as he throw them on the bed, then back and forth as he looks down the stairs) but I was pleased to see I was totally wrong. You'd used the camera to good effect on these shots.
    Just about the right length to build the tension and get the story across without over-egging it.

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    Thanks alot!

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    Well Done!

    Good amount of suspense for the length of the film!

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