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Thread: Quick editing question. (Sony Vegas 11)

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    On this video I am working on currently, I have a video clip playing and i want to have a black banner at the bottom with text in it. I know how to do just text, but without the black banner for a background of the text, it looks simply awful. How do I go about doing this in Sony Vegas 11

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    Have 3 tracks. Footage on botton track. in vegas under generated media, choose the one for one sold color, choose black. put that on middle track. Crop it so it only covers bottom. now put text on top track. so now txt is on top of black, black on top of footage.
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    The above would work fine or you could just give the text media a black background and then crop that to size.

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    I think sixthxace was suggesting text on transparent..... I can't exactly remember the technique but it was featured in the VAAST tutorial that came with Vegas Studio Production suite

    (The DVD was too advanced when I first used VS and now I can't find it.)

    .. maybe on Sony Creative website, under "Lower Thirds" -
    I do recall VAAST suggested applying gausian blur to the solid banner so it blends better with the Vid image behind. Then they used track motion(key-framing?), to make the text (followed by the background) to Exit Left. - Neat, eh?

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