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    Hi people
    4 weeks ago i bought a canon eos 550d (i had a gopro) for filming, because i wanted a better quality of the videos and more setting options...

    I like the cam very, itīs awesome to film and so here is my first video:

    Itīs a relatively new sport but i hope you like it


    Edit: Iīm italian so sorry for my english ;)
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    I think you made a great job of this. I watched it all though to the end. Very professional piece in that you edited it well, and the music fitted the theme. Well done! And welcome to the forum.

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    I agree it's not a bad little piece, You looked so sad at 0:30 when you looked into the camera. lol

    There was a nice variety of shots, it was mostly cut to the music, it kept my interest throughout however I wouldn't want it to be any longer than it was. Just a slight petering out at the end rather than a purposeful ending. ie a shot of you slowly walking away from the camera etc...

    Good job.

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    You have made a really great little video there.
    Loved the start (focus effect) to unicycle
    Loved the effect 57 sec in
    The shots of grass and sky 2.12 fitted in so well
    2.34 matching the music to the action ....very clever...

    I am not interested in uni cycling but I watched this to the end like CW as it was so good and a pleasure to watch.
    You have done your new camera proud Fabian (great name by the way).

    one negative I agree with MB you did look so sad looking into the camera but hey it did add a different perspective to it.

    Like all things it can be improved but seriously well done

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