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Thread: new trailer release for documentary 'BAYO' please check it out.....

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    Default new trailer release for documentary 'BAYO' please check it out.....

    Hi I've just finished work on the new trailer for documentary 'BAYO' coming this summer. I have provided more insight into what the film is all about in comparison to the last trailer, please provide any feedback or critisism (or praise) all opinions are welcome. thankyou

    'BAYO'_documentary_OFFICIAL festival trailer release _ UK reggae artist - YouTube

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    Mark. Didn't realize its the same Video. Spoken sound seems OK in this one. Please see my comment from your previous post.

    cheers Mike

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    great, read your review of the trailer, thanks for the feedback. I'm glad to hear that it held your attention . I didn't notice any muffling through headphones however I may adjust the music volume between 0.53min and 1.16min because I can hear the diolog is slightly drowned out when I play it back through the speaker built into my monitor..

    Thanks again for the response.

    Would love to hear any further opinions from anyone who is interested.

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    This is definitely better than the first one. I got a good understanding of what it was about. In the first one I thought it was an urban artist but from this it showed it was about a reggae artist. I'd still like to see a couple of tweaks. I'd like to see a name check for the guy at 0:35. Re mix the audio at 0:55 to 1:50 to bring out what's being said. Just lower the backing track a little.

    This trailer communicates much better what the documentary is about.

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    hi, thanks for getting back to me about it. Yeh I have already adjusted the audio and dropped the backing track slightly and am just about to render what do mean by name check, you mean have his name appear on the screen?


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    Yes, putting his name on the screen, I thought I recognised him so thought it might be a good idea to show who he is to the viewer.

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    Yes I agree I preferred this to your first video.
    liked the new text and background effect.
    For me the speech was a bit low and I had to turn up the vol a bit to make it out .
    Not sure if you could increase the volume of that or instead reduce the background.
    Apart from that though it was a great trailer.

    Good job

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    hi, thanks, all your responses are really appreciated. the guys name is easton but I don't recolect his surname, I would have to make a call to find out. the audio I have altered and it seems alot clearer now.


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    Is that Easton Clarke ?

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    no it's not easton clarke I still haven't been in touch to get it but I'll let you know soon as I do

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