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Thread: Need Advice about Rendering in AAE CS5

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    Default Need Advice about Rendering in AAE CS5

    This is my very first post, and I would be glad if you help me with rendering in AAE. First of all i am working on a short action movie. I rely on quality and pretty hard postediting using a lot of stuff like keying, roto, and plenty of vfx. Those all are not e problem but rendering is.
    I use Panasonic HC-V700 in 1920x1080 50p, unfortunetly in AVCHD (.MTS) which AAE do not read. I would like it to be as good quality as its possible with wise file size of course, considering the fact i have to make max 10 min movie and put in into DVD.
    What would be best way to convert it propely to format I could use in AAE without quality loss. And after editing in After effects what render options would be the best to get good quality and proper audio with synh with video, of course with not gigantic final file size.

    I have tried converting .mts to MP4 using H.264 encoder software and quality wasn't so bad, size was pretty wise. But all in all i have tried few rendering options in AAE after editing and every time wasnt the one Im looking for: to big filesize, bad quality, problem with audio synh or no audio at all.

    Thanks a lot in advance, I hope someone have patience to answer this wall of text

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    Do you want to write it on dvd that home video players can read it or you just want to store it on dvd without quality loss?

    if you want to play it with home video player i sujest you to use Adobe encore which is a prgram you can install ant you might have installed it before if you used Adobe creation suite. this task, ofcourse, will cause some quality loss.

    but if you want to just store it on dvd loosless i think these might work:
    1. Download some codecs.
    2. I think the format you choosed for rendering is a good one. it matches with every thing. its full HD format.
    3. Render your work uncompressed. this will cause huge size for your video(like 20 gig for 10 min clip) but after that you can compress it to any format you want.
    I hope it helps.

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