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Thread: Re-igniting my creative spark - introduction

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    Default Re-igniting my creative spark - introduction

    Hey all! Just joined this forum to get back into an old hobby. I studied 10 years ago and did an advanced diploma in multimedia/animation/design. Since I finished it I got into another completely different field (construction) but I still keep my skills up in photoshop from time to time.
    I recently slapped together a small video I made with my gopro camera while on the jetskis (nothing creative/artistic about it really) - got myself sony vegas pro 10 - taught myself how to use it and rendered the video out all in about 3 hours. After I made it I thought, 'shit I missed doing this stuff!'

    (Watch in HD only)

    So after weeks of research, I just baught a new Panasonic hc-v700. Im heading off to Europe for the first time in a month (for a month) and plan on getting as much footage as possible - possibly a bit of nightclub scenes/low light - hence why I decided on the v700.. I chose not to get the canon hf g10 because of the 24p only. I wanted the highest frame rate I could get for the budget. Just that the PAL version only does 50p vs 60p for NTSC for this model camera. I want to do a bit of slow-motion and preserve the crisp sharpness.

    Im hoping the video quality from this camera will be highly improved compared to the go pro in slow-motion using the same method in my video above?

    Im actually excited to get back from my holiday, just to spend the comming months to make an epic video!
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