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    Firstly I scrolled through the forum channels and couldn't find one that seemed like it would be alright to post in so I came here.

    And for my question. I want to make a stop frame animation and I woud like to have an overlaying image atop the stop frame( flowers being drawn in stop time under a pet that has been filmed realtime.) Any ideas on how I could combine the 2? I see green screen as a method but I wondered if there may be another way.

    I am ultimately amateur but have a full version of final cut before it went public.

    Your thoughts would be greatly appreciate! thanks for your time and sorry if this is in the wrong place :P

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    You're basically right with the green screen method.

    For your animated stop frame drawing, chose a background which is an absolutely solid colour whicjh does not appear anywhare in the drawing. The background should be as smooth as possible and it is critical that the iamge is very evenly lit (remember to software and the camera differently lit bits of the same colour (even only slightly differently) have different valuues. Green is common bit it can be any colour.

    When you come to overlay this in your project you will use an effect called "croma key" which will "key out" (make transparent) a colour/range you select.

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