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Thread: 25,000 Youtube Views in under 48h!

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    Thumbs up 25,000 Youtube Views in under 48h!

    Hello mates, im new into Digital Director but ive recently created a Gig on Fiverr where i can promote your Youtube Video and spread it to over 700,000 real human internet user with my Facebook pages, groups, with my twitter account, with my pinterest account and ofc with my youtube channel.

    So what im offering on my Gig is 25,000 Real human views to your youtube video (you can get alot more) but at least 25,000 views for the price of a Normal Gig 5$.

    i have some Reviews so if you guys need my help i would be glad to do so.

    My Fiverr Gig:

    Best regards,


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    That gig is not available.

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    I'll give you $10 to f*** off

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    I have a radical new idea. In order to get lots of hits on youtube, why not make a good video and then people will recommend it to their friends?

    Nah, that would never work.

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    You're right Rob I've tried it and it doesn't work.

    Well I thought they were good at the time.

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    I am sure they are not "real" views.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Poolboy View Post
    I am sure they are not "real" views.
    ha ha I doubt it too!

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    This is by the way forbidden by Youtube's TOS. Anybody taking is chance will likely have his account suspended soon. It already happened to quite a lot of channels and will so in future.

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