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Thread: How to make this better

  1. Default How to make this better

    Would love to hear comments from experts on how a video like this could be better:

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    What a strange look with the blades looking like this. What is your camera> I'm wondering if this is due to the rolling shutter of a CMOS chip.

    I can't believe how well you (or whoever filmed it) managed to track the subject. It was as if you knew exeactly where it was going to go next.

    By far the most interesting shot was where he brings it in to land and we can actually make out the 'copter (and it fills more of the screen).

    Anyway, to make it better. Very tricky. The problem is the subject is just a difficult to make out thing buzzing around the sky. You can't get any close-ups and different camera angles won't really help with such an indistinct subject. You've already included live sound which is good.

    You could throw in a few cutaways of the guy controlling it.

    How about a commentary? The guy could talk us through the manouver he's about to perform - recorded live.

    You could certainly take some close ups of the 'copter on the ground. And it taking off.

    Personally I didn't like all those logos at the beginning.

    I'm stumped for what else you could do - it's a tricky subject.

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    There are as you know hundreds of radio controlled videos on Youtube.

    The most important thing to remember when filming Keep the focus on the subject not the back ground as well. Fill the lens if you can with a cut to close up shots in flight. Then one of the operator and remote control. Get creative and keep the interest to stay and watch. You can learn from other videos on Youtube and take a leaf out of there book so to speak. Don't worry about trying to edit the whole thing in camera just get the right shots then take it home and edit it.

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    This is a clear example of the rolling shutter effect on the rotor blades. I don't believe there is any post processing software that can fix this situation with a small fast moving object; you have to get a better camera...

    If I can make a couple of small suggestions. The red on the outline of your title text looks too bright and could be reduced a notch. The music and audio seem to be a 50:50 mix which comes across as confusing; if one was "main" and the other "background", say 65:35, it might be easier to listen to.

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    You did a great job of keeping track of the chopper. The above advice is spot on. Make the text a bit smaller so it's not filling the screen so much. Try recording with a slower shutter speed so the blades are more blurred this might get rid of the banana blades.

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    Vegas Studio does have a correction facility (rt click on video clip...Option is near the top quarter, of a long list). I've tried it when an aero engine was filmed straight-on about 15 feet away - and whilst it does "something" I'm not convinced it really fixed it. The alternative might be a program that can replace the blades wuith a whirling Gausian Blur - so you think you see the blandes, but don't.

    MB suggests a slower shutter - does yr camera have that facility?

    I thought the music was a distraction and liked the suggestion earlier of a commentary explaining what was happening. This might be quite interesting as it appears to be a random movement, otherwise. Nice shots, steady, but I want to see the operator filmed from the 'copter - that wouldbe nice....but then you need to be filming above(exploring) a peaceful valley - and I guess the neighbours would object.

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    That video was to showcase a pro sponsored pilot and aimed at the rc heli community and his sponsors. They understand but i can see how an outsider may have a different perspective. The music is key since most competitions take place to an audio track. The camera is a gopro2 shooting in 1080-30. It is not an instructional video but a flight perfomance/pilot showcase video.

    There are other similar videos on my vimeo and youtube channel under the same channel name, p1frank. These videos end up on a lot of rcheli websites and showcase pilots, products, events, and manufacturers. Most people just post raw footage with a hand held camera with the heli all over the place in the frame and leaving the frame often since they are hard to track by hand.

    Was really looking for effects type stuff. Playing with a few things now and new to sony vegas ms11. Thanks for the suggestions. Will implement some.

    The audio graphic is gone from the front and music time line box. Everything still plays fine but the graphic is gone. Any idea how to fix that?

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    Great job tracking that lightening fast copter!
    At first I thought it was a prototype with bent blades ....but then realized like the guys have said it was camera problem.
    Amazing flying at times I thought it was going to crash but pulls away from the ground just in time.
    I agree about beginning logos but understand they may be needed ?
    Obviously great choice of song but watch copyright
    with regards on how to improve ..... getting/borrowing a better camera which can better capture the fast moving subject will be a step in the right direction.
    The other more experienced guys have given better advice than I can give (technical)
    Anyway ....really enjoyed watching.

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    Thanks. Yes the logos are required. They are the sponsors of the pilot.

    The audio graphic is gone from the front and music time line box. Everything still plays fine but the graphic is gone. Any idea how to fix that?

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    You may have just minimised it. Can you post a screen shot to see what is going on.

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