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Thread: 'A Winter Stonefly Search' revised: trailer

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    Default 'A Winter Stonefly Search' revised: trailer

    Thank you all for your obstructive criticism on this piece. I took everything you said to heart and tried a better effort with this shorter new version of a trailer. I hope it appears to capture the audience better. Anyway, here it is: A Winter Stonefly Search Trailer

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    the cuts seemed a bit fast but otherwise it looked good to me

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    I agree with zam that the cuts are a bit fast. It is often difficult to judge when you're editing as you are so familiar with the footage you assume everyone else can take in what you do. I'd leave (many of) the shots on screen for twice as long - especially the one of the stonefly when you mention its significance. Drop the shots which show predominantly the backs of people and maybe one or two of the signs to make room (signs are good as they replace captions, but you need to leave time for people to be able to read them). But it did its job of capturing my interest which is, after all, the point of a trailer.

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    Yes the transitions were to fast. You started the ending credits half way through the video as though this was as important as the video it self. Most viewers couldn't care less who made the Video they're just interested in the content of the video. So you could cut this right down making room for longer shots, keeping the total video playing time about 1.5 Mins. Ideal for a trailer.

    Also for Youtube you need to make a good keyword rich description and tags. This will in addition, enable Google to index the video giving it greater exposure.

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    Here is the latest 2nd revision of 'A Stonefly Search' trailer...I really appreciate all of your comments as I feel they help with tighter editing. Thank you!

    Stonefly Search Trailer - YouTube

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    Most viewers couldn't care less who made the Video they're just interested in the content of the video.

    As I said in my previous post. I don't think you got the message, the credits still the same almost half way through the video. This bit needs to be speeded up a bit. If someone wants to see a name they just hit the pause button Its Content for your target audience that's important, not the film crew. Please try again and post back. Thanks Mike

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    Not sure that I want to place a third version on you-tube...perhaps I will post this somewhere else. Thank you for your comments!

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