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Thread: Another Night In The Editing Room: Short Video

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    Default Another Night In The Editing Room: Short Video

    A short video on Human Movement as taking place in an Oakland University's Editing Room. This was the first short video that I produced, directed and edited for a Studio Art class taught by Professor Andrea Eis.
    Another Night In The Editing Room - YouTube

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    I don't know what to say.

    When slimbob phones me (sobbing uncontrollably) at 3am and says "Zam, I just spent 50,000 pounds writing, producing and directing this 3-hour film and everybody tells me it's rubbish -- WHAT DO I DO????" -- I usually just tell him to do what everybody else does -- "Get rid of your audio track, jump-cut the video down to 3 minutes, grab some obscure Creative Commons techno-pop from soundclick, slap it all together and call it a music video". Midnight Blue's "Flower Duet" started out as a 6-hour documentary on stomach worms in dogs but look at how it turned out thanks to a bit of creative editing.

    Since you have already skipped to the 3 minute music video, I can't really offer you any helpful advice.


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