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Thread: Whats happening to my video?

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    Default Whats happening to my video?

    I have a JVC DV camcorder and I just bought a new firewire card for my Dell notebook. I have 512 RAM and only about 10 GB of space left on my HD. Not sure if the video card makes a difference, but its a pretty lame integrated card.

    Now the video plays fine on the camcorder, but when I transfer it to my PC, the video seems to speed up in places and skip around a bit. Is this the result of dropped frames? or could this be another problem? I'm using windows movie maker (ver. 1 I think) and have also tried using the demo of Pinnacle Studio 9. I've tried recording DV quality and MPEG and they both do the same thing. I also see horizontal purplish lines only when using the pinnacle software.

    So any ideas as to whats going on?

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    That sounds more like your PC's video card drivers need updating.

    To display video on a PC screen there's a special mode the drivers use, called 'overlay mode' that allows very fast direct transfer of frame by frame pictures to a region on the screen without the operating system having to do much work. A bad or wrong driver will cause strange things to happen in that region.
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