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Thread: What do you think of my Fitness Gym promo film

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    Default What do you think of my Fitness Gym promo film

    First choice fitness PROMO vid.mpg - YouTube

    Was asked to put a promo film together for a local gym. They were very happy with my work but what do you guys think. First time I have done anything like this so I know I will have loads of room for improvement.

    Any feedback would be great thanks.

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    Great work...however, I would have left the web site and phone number up a little bit longer. Just a quick opinion from what I saw!

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    I should think they were happy with it. I cannot see how you can improve on this, though others here could disagree. I thought you got the point across very well its enough for me to know and follow up. The length of the Ad was bang on not long or short. Cant believe you never did anything like this before its a master piece. Well Done!

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    You should have used a tripod for more shots there was a lot of wobbly shots in this. The sound was ok but the mic could have done to be closer to the guy. The worst thing about this is the poor guy reading the script. He looks very uncomfortable and it's obvious he is reading as his eyes are all over the place in stead of right into the camera. I understand he's from the gym and not a pro presenter. How many time did he do it before you settled on this version. It might have helped if he smiled a bit.

    Having said the above it's not a bad effort for your first time. Well done.

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    I think the appeal of this is that it has a "home made" (not "badly made") feel about it. It's like the owner has invested in his club and is really trying hard not to waste money of flashy presentation or fancy equipment, but rather put all his efforts into maintaining a good set of gym equipment and maximising use of it. He certainly seems to squeeze a few people into his "funky pump" nights.

    However, everything Midnight says above is true, and this could all be done without losing the "home made" feel. I would add to Midnights suggestions that the first few lines were delivered a tad too quickly (although possibly for someone with "local" ears) and there was too much light reflecting off his forehead - either move him or put some powder on (though i wouldn't like to be the one who suggests a powder compact to that guy!)

    I also agree with baetis that the contact info could be held for longer. I'd also suggest that if you really have to put your own contact info on there, you do it more subtly - one line, a website address, at the end. This is an ad for the gym - not an ad for your own business. I'm sure you did some deal with the gym whereby you could promote yourself, but it just looks tacky in my opinion.

    Apart fom that I thought you had a good mix of shots which perfectly illustrated the message the owner was gettig across and you edited these exactly where they felt they needed to be edited. The fact that at 1min 50secs it didn't feel too long (until the credites, that is) speaks volumes. Well done.

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    I didn't find any real problems with this, except that I think the audio must have hit the red line a few times in the closing sequence since I could hear some clipping.

    The real question is whether I would go to your gym based on the promo, and the answer is yes. Good job.

    As a suggestion, I would recommend that you hire a top-tier DJ for one or two of your sessions and work with them to get some new footage (they are used to working on video promos) -- you won't get Armin Van B or Tiesto, but if you can get your hands on Dr Kucho, you will be all set. Just a thought.

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    The guy was good I thought, bit intimidating, he almost scares you into wanting to join up.

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