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Thread: My Latest Video & Mike advice pls

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    OK< here's my latest effort pls let me know what you think, Now that I am starting to get my head around some basic editting I am starting to see which way I want to go with this. I plan to get myself or others filmed without any music but instead being 'miked up'. And then explaining to the camera what he is doing and why.
    Can you pls recommend clip on mikes and can I have several people miked up with the leads going into a junction box?
    Colin smoothound2 - YouTube

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    I see the improvements in your videos. Just a couple of things that should make them better looking. If you have text on the screen like yours at around 0:28, it's a good idea to put some sort of shadowing under it, so you can read it more easily. When we see the high shot of the first cast it was good to follow it out but would have been better to do a cut back to the guy fishing rather than seeing the camera move back to him. It would have also looked better if you cut from the lower shot just before he swings the rod forward, then cut to the upper camera to see the casting. This gives the impression of one continuous movement.

    I can't advise you on a make of mic that would be best for you but can confirm you can have a number of them connected to a mixer or junction box.

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