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Thread: MS 11 - Audio Sounds Like A Transistor Radio

  1. Default MS 11 - Audio Sounds Like A Transistor Radio

    Did a partial edit, music sound a was great but after reopening to continue editing, the audio now sounds like a transistor radio thru my headphones?

    What happened?

    Also, the music bar and front bar has no audio visual graphic, just a blank box. That is an issue I had been living with, not knowing how to change but figured I'd add that into this since I had an audo question.

    Any advice would be appreciated.

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    Please say which version you are using "Pro" or Vegas Studio. They are similar in many ways - but not entirely.

    Sorry, but I don't understand what you've done - nor what you mean about the music bar -
    First reset Vegas Studio to traditional view - View/WindowLayout/Default Layout - then, where you advise the fault lies, everyone will be able to follow.

    Are you refering to the graphical output meters (Top Right), I wonder?
    Beware that it is easy to "mute" audio tracks - you'll need to expand the track header (Track area Left of timeline) - check the volume slider is set at 0db - this is only on Audio track headers.

    If you've only done "Simple-Edits" that should be extent of any errors . . . these are things that can trap the infrequent user.

    It may be safer to try to reeproduce the "fault" - with a few clips from the original source. Save as "TestXXX" and close. Then re-open it. It should be perfectly OK.
    Before you monkey about with the now faulty-Edit (which you've spent some time on)... I suggest you save the project .vf (Save As) with an additional comment in the title, so you know it's the spare copy (e.g MyTitleDUP.vf)....that way when you do find the "fault..." you can go back to the original work without all the "trial changes" having to be undone . . . . these "Faults" are often quite simple (Once you Know)
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    Using vegas studio ms11. Got the audio back and someone answered the graphic question for the music/front timeline bar in my other thread. Thanks my friend.

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