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Thread: Advice required for slightly odd request.

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    Default Advice required for slightly odd request.

    Hi Guys,

    Basically I need to record for 24 hrs continuous for a Guiness record attempt. The subject will be riding a mobility scooter for the whole 24hrs. Camera will be static and the quality of the footage is irrelevant but it has to be continous. Can anybody advise of a way of doing this? i was hoping i can hire something to accomplish it. i have a list of hire companies to call but thought id try here too.

    Any help appreciated.



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    If you hire something like a Panasonic HVX200 or HPX250 it has two P2 card slots which you can record on one the when it's full it will automatically start to record on the second one at which time you can copy the footage off the card on to a computer then put it back in the camera then do the the same with the second card etc. It might be a fiddly way of doing it but it's all I know.

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    I don't know of anything that would last 24 hours without access to a continuos power supply. That would be the main obstacle, assuming you could find a medium to actually record. Your best bet would be to use two cams in tandem, for example record for 2 hours (say) on one cam, turn on anther to record, replace medium and battery and then repeat.

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    Thank guys,

    I have discovered that my little JVC everio HDD camcorder with 60gb internal disk will record 75hrs in eco mode and 28hrs in normal mode. I guess my question now: do you think it would be safe to the camera and footage to run it recording for 24hrs? I can't seem to get any info on this from either the manual or the net. I have it running at the mo, connected to mains power and it's upto 1h 11mins. It feels very slightly warm but nothing major.

    Thanks again.


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    Very surprised that it can record for that long on battery power.

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    Not on battery power, its connected to the mains with the ac adapter.

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    I don't see why not. It might get a bit warm but I would have a back up just in case of terminal failure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marc Peters View Post
    Very surprised that it can record for that long on battery power.
    I am surprised the scooter can run for that long either. I thought they were battery powered. But, if so; perhaps the cam could be powered from the scooter.

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    The scooter will only run for 30 miles, so we have a shed load of replacement batts!
    The cam is at 4:17 hrs and no warmer. I think i'll leave it for 24hrs and see if i can get it to my pc without it having a fit. Fingers crossed.


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