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Thread: Is This Shot Lit Well?

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    Default Is This Shot Lit Well?

    I am shooting a feature length film with my Canon DSLR. I was wondering if I could get some professional feedback regarding the lighting in this shot. Do you think it is lit well or do you think I ought to reshoot the scene? Thanks so much.

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    My personal opinion is that the character in the foreground is a tad too bright, the "fire exit" sign over the door is too bright and the key light for the main character is placed too low (causing an upwards shadow on the left side of his face).

    But that is just my opinion. Remember, if it looks good it is good and if it looks bad it is bad. There are no laws in lighting, just opinions and the laws of nature.

    Edit: We have got the luxury of having a long time to look at a photograph, which the viewer won't have (unless it's a really long scene). If the actor is engaging then the things I mentioned won't be noticed by the majority of people. I think, far more important is that the actor doesn't seem to have eye contact with the other person, he seems to be looking at his chin.
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    provided it's lit well enough to avoid noise, it should be fine. You can alter the light-level in Post, what you can'y change (easily) is the light balance. It depends on the action/dialogue of the shot. If the LH character is talking, then traditionally they should be lit well. If however, the RH character is doing the talking, the ligting can be used to increase the LH's "character".
    . . . so I think you are asking the wrong question - you need to explain the scene . . . only then can you determine the lighting . . .

    However, as I suggested it's worth lighting sufficiently to avoid noise and that includes the darkest parts, althought you can usually discount the shadows, since the viewer probably only looks at the action in the lighter parts.

    That's my take . . .

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