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Thread: Video preview differs from rendered media

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    Default Video preview differs from rendered media

    Hi guys! I don't normally post on forums and try to figure it out myself most of the time, but it's been a couple of days now
    and I'm having a real hard time figuring out what the issue is here.. I think pictures explain it better than words:

    On this screenshot my preview looks like it's supposed to. As you can see the 'Split screen view' is selected with my 'FX Bypassed'.

    But when I discard my 'Fx Bypass', I get this! So I'm losing 1/4 of my image...

    I've tried changing propreties but the video-format is correct! 1920x1080. Cropping the videos won't work either, nor does the track motion tool work!

    I DID use the stabilization-effect for a couple of clips in my project, but I doubt it has anything to do with this, as I've never encountered a similar problem
    in my other projects.. this is also the ONLY project where I'm facing this problem.

    Anybody have an idea what the issue is here? Thanks in advance!
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    Stabilizer will always ZOOM-in, it's how it fills the edge of the steadied frame. As Stabilizer IS an FX, bypassing it will not only remove the Stabilization it will also remove the ZOOM-in.


    Stabilize ZOOMS-in. It IS an FX. Bypassing will get you back to full frame, ie ZOOM-out.

    As to you NOT having this before, I'd have to see THAT Project. But this one - you got what yah see!

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