Having used Premiere Elements 9 for a while with good results I ended up volunteering to do a DVD of a friends wedding.
I edited it quite good, however when I came to create the DVD (about 56 minutes worth) I kept getting a message that Windows has shut down the program.
Having spent most of the day getting to grips with trying to convert my video files into a DVD these are my findings.
The problem is that my Ďsystemí cannot process more than approx 1.1gigs worth of files (about 20 mins on DVD) So to get my 50 odd minutes onto DVD I have had to use 3 DVDs, obviously not ideal.
Does anyone have any experience with this type of problem, or even suggest any suitable forum to post to?
Details of my system are,
Win 7 OS
Adobe Elements Premiere 9
4Gig Ram
Intel (R) Core 2 Quad CPU Q6600@ 2.4 GHz 3.4 GHz
Scratchdisks All same as Project 443.6GB (Iím not at all sure about Scratchdisks and donít know if thatís good or can be significantly improved