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Thread: Stage play promo i did with T3i

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    Default Stage play promo i did with T3i

    I play at redfod theatre edited in after effect

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    Sorry but you really need to get your sound better. If you can't get close mics on stage or much better directional mics, don't use the live sound. The first scene is unintelligible - especially after the better sound of the voiceover recording. It really does make the show sound amateur.
    Not quite as important (as this only makes your recording sound amateur, rather than the show) but stil very important - the sound for the reviews is dreadful. I'm guesing you're just using an on-board camera mic? A 30 lapel mic will work wonders for these shots.
    Also watch the editing of the sound. When you introduce "Robert D Thomas" you fade the sound rather quickly, losing the end of his name.

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    just got a mic last week

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    the audio on the last interview was completely unintelligible, however the video did make me want to see the play, so it worked for me in that respect

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