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    Talking Beginning the editing

    Hi friends
    I am new to this video editing I would like to ask you which software can be the best to start with editing and which is efficient......

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    Hello and welcome to the forum.

    If you are new to Video editing I would suggest you experiment with your Windows movie maker first, see how you get on with it before spending any money.

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    good advice. start simple and try a few different things before commiting, as you would with any other preferences in your life. go with what works for you and what you work well with....

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    The nice thing about starting with Microsoft Windows Movie Maker is that if you can get it to do what you want, you won't have any problems at all when you move on to another editor. Even accomplishing the simplest of tasks (try editing GoPro footage for example) with Movie Maker will give you a great feeling of satisfaction. After spending days on end trying to decipher it's convoluted interface, recovering from numerous system crashes and frequently exclaiming "Oh God, I've been Microshafted AGAIN!", you will rejoice in having made a lovely WMV movie -- those were really popular in the 90s so you will get to enjoy that "retro" feeling as well.

    I'd suggest:
    - go up to the top floor
    - open the window
    - throw out your PC
    - get the iMovie app for your iPhone
    - make your first movie
    - thank me later
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