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    My 8 year old daughter playing one of "her tunes" on the piano.

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    I've got computer problems right now so only have limited time to reply just in case someone comments on this.

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    Hope you get your p.c problems sorted out MB.
    I am a big fan of piano as my Mum along with my late Grandad and great Grandma were all keen players so I grew up with it.
    I don't play myself much to my families disgust!

    I loved how you used many different shots to make a video like this interesting to watch
    Daisy is a star and amazing for 8 years old !!!!!!! You must be very proud
    I hope she goes from strength to strength with her playing.

    She made me laugh when she was little in your video "Finding The Ball" ...... how times flies

    I noticed you have another dog sitting on top of the piano MB !!

    Loved watching this

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    Cheers Bob. My PC problems is a cooling issue ie it the pump on the water cooler packed in so I'm waiting for a part to arrive, bad timing with the Bank Holiday etc.

    Glad you enjoyed the piece. She hasn't had any lessons it's just her "playing her tunes". It's another example of a kid not being told she can't do something, so they just do it. I know it's not the best child playing piano video on the net but I like it.

    The dog is called Megan, she sleeps with Daisy every night.

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    WOW! MB. Seeing this takes me back to school days in the 1960's. Dad had a grand Piano. He arranged a Piano instructor for my Brother and I Twice a week sessions, wanting us to become musitions. As much as I tried I could not master reading music and play at the same time. So the instructor gave up on us in the end. However 10 years later I bought a Two Keyboard electronic Organ with rhythm unit. And started to play by ear, some of the current top ten hits of the time and classical, great fun.

    I noticed that you daughter was not playing from music and maybe developed the same idea you can here a piece of music then go and play it. I also noticed she did not appear to use the black keys, neither did I. Mind you to hear a piece played from written music you hear all the notes you would have missed. I wish I could have learned to read music.

    Anyway I thought she did very well. And nicely put together Video.

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    I've withheld comment on this video as I didn't want to be the sole poster as my post is not one of unbridled praise I'm afraid.

    Firstly, that all important question - who is the video targetted at? As a family keepsake, it's great.

    It's certainly nicely shot with a good mix of all the traditional shots, evenly lit, and nicely edited together.

    However, (and apologies if this is harsh) what we hear is just the random doodlings on the piano of a child. Yes, it's not totally unmusical - she seems to have that knack that some children have of managing to hit notes from within the same scale that aren't too discordant and there's a constant rhythm there, but it's not like she's actually playing anything. Theres' nothing inherently "wrong" with this, I just wonder what the purpose is. I can see the sense of it going in the family album, and even posting it in "just for Fun", but I'm surprised you've asked for comments on it here.

    And, sin of sins, what we see doesn't match what we hear!


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    Thanks for watching guys.
    @ Caption World, My daughter couldn't read music to save her life she has no idea except she really gets into it and because she stays off the black notes she kind of gets something melodic or how Tim would say "random doodling on the piano of by child". Which is exactly what it it.

    @Tim, I know exactly what this video is, it's totally family album, I didn't even think about where I posted it, I just thought it was cute. I know the fingers don't match the exact notes being played but I thought it would be close enough to impress grandma etc. Yes, it should have been posted in the just for fun section as I'm under no illusions of the quality of it's content. I thought I did ok with the lighting and editing but did think I could have done better with it (as always).

    I've rigged up a heat sync. and a fan on the processor just to get 5 or 10 minutes of internet, it seems to be holding at around 55c but I don't want to push it so I won't be hanging around. I'll wait for the water cooler to arrive before things get back to normal.

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