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Thread: 2 chroma keys in 1 layer

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    Default 2 chroma keys in 1 layer

    Whats up guys, thanks in advance for your help, opinions, and time.

    Here is what I would like to do, and wonder if Vegas can do. Let's say I have a video track with green screen on the right, and blue screen on the left of my image/screen. The shape of the blue and green change constantly. Underneath this layer I have two different things to show on the respective green and blue screens. How do I achieve this? How can I assign a different background to each?

    I know that chroma key works as a window, showing the layer underneath, but how do I assign 2 different backgrounds to the 1 top layer based on color? So that no matter where my blue and green shapes move, even overlapping (not mixing), they show their assigned backgrounds.

    : \

    If only Color Correction(Secondary)'s masking had a "fill pattern" type option, I'd be all set. I'm trying to understand parent/child layers, though I don't know if that's the correct route.

    Thanks again

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    I think this could be done if the blue and the green where on separate tracks. I've never tried anything like this so it would take some playing around with it. I'd like to know what others think.

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    Or better yet, is there a blending option where an image shows up only in certain areas. Like on a designated color/mask. So the backgrounds woud be on top affecting the video at the bottom on say only the blues or the greens.

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    Erm...Why would you ever want to do this?

    Surely just green screen the entire backdrop, then use motion keys for your backgrounds to be wherever you want? Animate them to move from the left, to the right, up or down side to side, anything you want with a few simple motion keys.

    Just read your new post.

    Put the person with the green screen on layer three.
    Apply the chroma key for the blue to layer three.
    then Put your background image on layer two.
    Apply chroma key for the green to layer three
    put your background image on layer one.

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    One would one want to do this when trying a new method or style but doesn't want it to be too laborious or too taxing on the CPU. Its a very interesting look, but it shouldn't take 7 - 8 layers to do the work of 3.

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    I've given you a step by step guide on how to achieve it using 3 layers. With only 2FX running on the top layer for the keying.

    I seem to have misunderstood something?...

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    I was just answering the question "Erm...Why would you ever want to do this?"

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