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Thread: WOW! how times change

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    Default WOW! how times change

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    Hilarious. The back pack looked like it weighs a ton.

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    Yep and to think cameras have shrunk to the size of a mobile phone or less.

    My first VHS Camera in the early 1980's was a huge Panasonic camera with a massive zoom lens about the size of the one in the video. The recorder top loader with piano keys about the size of a desktop computer and a led acid 12v battery pack. It was heavy. Filming Weddings the guests thought it was the local TV Station. It really looked an impressive piece of kit. And I could not stand in one place to long otherwise you would sink into the ground.

    I then moved up to a state of the art Canon VC30 Known as Canon's big Gun. Here is an advert I made for Video recorder Services in the 1980's. The latest in high tech Video.

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    Amazing just 40 years !
    Plus I imagine that the speed of progress will keep increasing!
    So in 2052 what will we be using then???

    I recon we will have hard drives in or brains and our eyes will be the camera.....

    What do you think?????????????

    Great video by the way

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    haha nice job

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    It's always funny looking back at the cutting edge technology of the day. One day our skids and grandskids will be laughing at our feeble efforts too. My first forays were with Panasonic MS5s SVHS cams. SVHS were seen, like Hi8 as a superior format. The reds bled badly during transfer to VHS so the higher quality you started with the better the final tape.
    Our cams had very poor battery power so we adapted 12v alarm batteries, slung in a shoulder pack to power them. Lasted all day, but the downside was we felt like the lunchpack of Notre Dame after a 5 day shoot.
    Life has certainly been made easier and quicker due to faster PCs, and edit systems on phones, but I doubt Jules Verne could have visualised this far ahead even if he had LSD for breakfast.
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