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Thread: Jump Rope Sampler

  1. Default Jump Rope Sampler

    I'm looking for some feedback on the editing. Anything I could do to make it look better. Oh and before you comment about the rope not being visible in some shots, you can see it much better in HD however if you still think it is too blurred, let me know Enjoy!

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    The rope is barely visible, so to me, many scenes just show a short, oddly bouncing human. In some shots, the rope appears segmented (e.g. at 01:41) into sections a few inches long. I can't tell if the rope really looks like that or if it is artifacts from the file format.
    I realise the rope is moving very fast; but there must be something that can be done to make it more visible.

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    I just wish I had half your energy. One thing I would do is to take about a minute out this could easily be done with faster cuts. Some of the shots are held too long.

    Well done.

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    Tim, I have found that using colors that are mostly opposites seems to work better. For example here they painted my rope orange and you can see it much better: Dylan Plummer ~ America's Got Talent YouTube acts Compete - YouTube It would just be way too much trouble to paint or get different colored ropes for every single shot depending on the color of the background. And the rope is made of a bunch of inch long beads, black white and green, so the rope really does look like that .

    Midnight Blue, I do agree that it would make it better, however in a combo like mulitples (Where the rope is going around you more than once for each jump) the goal is to take out all and any pauses between tricks. So cutting in the middle of these would be easy to do, but to me (probably because I'm a jumproper) it would seem odd to not see a whole combo. I'll give it a shot though! Thanks for the feedback!

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    Thanks for the clip of the orange rope. I think that seeing the rope makes a big difference. Otherwise, some scenes can look like a strange mix of gymnastics and dancing. Perhaps for the audience, I don't think its enough to 'know' there is a rope there. They also want to see it.
    In the past year, I have seen several other clips where a person demonstrates skills with small moving objects (footballs, yo-yos and juggling balls). I think that your rope looks the hardest to record; and I think you did very well. Sometimes I wanted the rope to blur; so I could see its path. But perhaps that is difficult, bearing in mind the speed you can move that rope.
    I suspect you may later prefer to be able to use more than 1 camera at the same time; offering different views of the same movement.
    Good luck.

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    Very impressive.......
    Have you considered using an luminous rope with gloves wearing black in a dark room for an interesting shot to throw in to mix things up?
    A "yo yo" pro posted once on here doing that and it really looked cool and added a different dimension/perspective to his video ??

    Like MB I too envy your energy levels

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    Quote Originally Posted by JumPROper View Post
    It would just be way too much trouble to paint or get different colored ropes for every single shot depending on the color of the background.
    That's exactly what you should do.
    Way too much trouble? So you're syaing it took xxx hours/days/weeeks to perfect a particular jump, but you're not prepared to spend an extra two minutes swapping ropes so you can show it off?

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    It's not hard to swap ropes but for certain tricks I use certain ropes, and certain lengths so if I needed a blue rope I would have to have the right type of blue rope, and the right size. As for the glowing rope I have actually done that and it looks very cool! Glow-In-The-Dark Jump Rope Master Peter Nestler at Bethel Elem, PA - YouTube and a lot of people actually light their ropes on fire! I havn't done that yet though

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    Your tricks are amazing!

    The missing rope is very distracting, however there is a simple solution to your rope colour problem, as follows:

    - buy a bright pink rope (27p)
    - buy a can of bright green paint (8 pounds 20)
    - buy a copy of Adobe Premiere Pro (350 pounds)
    - paint the living room wall of your mom's house bright green
    - film all the tricks with the pink rope in front of the green wall
    - clear out of town before your mom gets home
    - once that's done, check back in with us and we'll tell you how to put your newly-filmed tricks back into their intended locations using Premiere Pro


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    Thanks! And I'll be sure to do exactly that! Thanks so much for the idea

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