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Thread: Adobe Flash proving animation to be used into Vegas Pro 11. Is it a good idea?

  1. Default Adobe Flash proving animation to be used into Vegas Pro 11. Is it a good idea?


    I need to develop some animation to be used together video.
    As video editor I am using Vegas Pro 11 and I am newbie on it.
    Besides After Effects be the "number 1" animation tool for video, I think it is very complex to a simple animation project I intend to join to video.
    In this way, I am thinking on using Adobe Flash CS5 to create animation and join it to video using Vegas Pro 11. It seems to deal with Flash is easier and simpler than After Effects. Actually, I have not used any of then yet...
    Most information I found in the web mentions that Flash is a tool for the "web" and After Effects for "video".
    Then, I am not confident whether to use Flash and whether it is compatible and could provide good output working together Vegas.
    Could it be a good idea?

    Thanks in advance,
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    I advise you first learn to use Vegas and learn about the various files it will accept (and any options for animating simple masks or layers). For animation, there are several products suitable; and probably easier to use than Flash or AfterEffects. Do you have any examples of how complicated or detailed you are wanting your animation to look like?

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    Hi Tim,
    Thanks for help. The detail of "my" animation is in my mind yet, but I would like to be able of dealing with these ones bellow (it seems the complexity is increased from first to last video). Anyway, I would like to know about the name of products you mentioned... Best!
    GIMP-GAP: a sample video clip - YouTube
    Apple Keynote Animation: The Fight for Better Presentations - YouTube
    Drake Equation - Animated Infographic - YouTube
    Digital Technology Infographic - YouTube

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