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    I create a movie within Arcsoft Showbiz 2.0 and use the "set chapter" feature to start the chapters very tediously and precisely. The chapter settings works perfectly in the 'preview' section of the "write disc" tab. Its a work of art - I spent a long time adding audio to my video and getting everything lined up. :o

    However, when I create the DVD and choose a specific chapter it starts a few seconds further along in the video than where i had set it. i.e if i had set a chapter to start at point x - its starts at point x+2 seconds or so on the dvd - i.e I lose the first second of so of that chapter which sucks since I've setup audio etc to create cool intros to each chapter. :cry: In addition the gap seems to be minimal in the earlier chapters but gets longer towards the end of the movie. Any idea what could cause this kind of thing ?


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    Your best bet is to use a different program. The encoding and burning functions in arcsoft showbiz have a few bugs.

    I love using showbiz to edit though. I edited "Jimmy's Special Goggles" using showbiz, which I put in the "submit your own" forum.

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