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    I want to use video clips in my flash presentations. I know that if I want the best video quality I'm going to need to get a clip from a dvd. I don't have a dvd burner but I was wondering if anyone knew of good software thats easy to use to rip parts of a dvd onto your harddrive say as an AVI file so that I can edit it in Adobe Premiere and then export and use in Flash. Also, another problem that I was having is, whenever I exported from Adobe Premiere to an AVI file and tried to import into Flash, it was in like black and white and like half of the picture looked like it had been cut and pasted to the otherside of the screen, it was really weird and Flash will only let me import mpegs which aren't very good quality. Any suggestions for gettin from DVD to Premiere to Flash?

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    To rip from a DVD, you can use the excellent DVDx - guide posted here:

    I would advise that you rip as an MPEG - its not really worth creating an intermediary AVI file if you're going to use an MPEG in the flash presentation. (and DVDs are encoded with MPEG anyway )
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