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    Hi Guys

    I was lucky to watch "Prometheus" last night.

    Thought I would post here under "Cinematography" as it was a real visual feast a true work of art.

    Mixed reviews as a movie ..... I personally loved it but must admit I am a big sci fi fan and loved "Alien" & "Aliens" etc etc

    If you haven't seen it yet I recommend you splash out and see it on IMAX .

    The "3D" was used perfectly in my opinion unlike other films (ie) just slight/subtle and really brought you into the movie experience without shouting at you (ie)Transformers .

    Has anyone else seen it yet.

    Loved it

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    How much fun would it have been without the CGI? Does it tempt you to add a green screen to your own studio equipment?

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    Good question........

    I use to prefer the old model approach (ie) "Empire Strikes Back" compared to "Phantom Menace" .... don't know just looked more realistic??

    However CGI has really improved now and was used very well in "Prometheus" (ie) didn't shout out this bit is CGI .. instead it just blended beautifully with non CGI

    I have no real need for a green screen yet Tim ..

    But ask me again in the future

    Have you seen the movie what did you think

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    I no longer attend cinemas. I tend to watch films between 2 or 3 years after release. I also accept that TV has an inferior display to IMAX.
    Decades of filmgoers have experienced the 'wow' factor as new effects become possible. I look forward to the day when we no longer wish to see a film because of it's effects; but for the old fashioned reasons; like scripts/acting/cast/camera/lighting etc.

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    Couldn't agree more Tim

    Really looking forward to "Lincoln"

    Should be a great movie in terms of script, acting (Daniel Day Lewis) enough said and all the other things you mentioned


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