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Thread: Trailer for up-coming feature length documentary 'BAYO'

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    Default Trailer for up-coming feature length documentary 'BAYO'

    Please like or comment via youtube if you enjoy the trailer.. Film is due to be screened at festivals this year...

    thanks for checking it out


    'BAYO' documentary 2012 - YouTube

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    Generally the edit seems ok, two things you need to do. first get rid of the bad audio/phone call bit near the beginning it adds nothing and is very distracting. The other thing is render it at the right aspect ratio.

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    This kind of music is not really my cup of tea so as subject matter it didn't really interest me or grab and hold my attention.
    However as I said i am not interested in the subject matter so it could be completely different for someone who is interested.

    Thought there was some good footage but definitely think this trailer can be improved with better editing and text
    definitely try and get your video to to fit the you tube aspect better unless you want the black border look???

    Be interesting to see what the more experienced members advise with regards how to improve the editing etc

    Regardless well done on making your trailer

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    ok thanks for the responses guys, yeh I can change the aspect ratio it was actually intended for it to be like that.. when you say about the text do you mean the font or the positioning or the timing? or any other point regarding it?


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    I didn't realize MB had already commented on here as it didn't show till after I posted my response???????

    Anyway definitely act on his advice .

    With regards text I thought the style was o.k but a bit small in parts and I think you should experiment with the positioning.

    Again text is a personal thing but it is good to be easy to read (obvious common sense I know)

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    It's generally off centre with exceptions of the opening title sequence quoting the production company name and the final text at the end "coming sumer2012", Id say looking back there are probably 2 text positions that I would alter and maybe have a fade out to black rather than overlaying it on parts of the video so it is more to the point and informative and I could then use more poignant and larger text and possible a few more sound effects to excuentuate, what you think?

    If anyone else has any opinions I would really love to hear them..


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    Definitely worth trying and then compare to the original side by side...

    If you do please post

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    the concept is good.. but trailer should be more exciting.. a bit of excitement should be created by making it quick..

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    thanks guys, I've passed the trailer on and it's been recieved pretty well however I have had a discussion with one of the producers of the project to basically turn up the tempo and create a quicker more vibrant pace to the representation of the film, including a much larger variety of cuts for more insight and excitement.Also I am looking to extend the trailer by a minute or so. I'll be sure to post the coming results as soon as I am ready to publish them to get some further feedback..


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    hi please check the new trailer out on the new thread.Mark

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