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Thread: My New Video About Messi (Inception) (Must See)

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    Thumbs up My New Video About Messi (Inception) (Must See)

    Hey Guys I hope that all of you are fine :p

    Today i would like to share with you guys a new video ( Lionel Messi ● [ INCEPTION ] )

    I hope you like it !!

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    Just fixed the link here for you.

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    I wish he was English.

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    I agree about wishing he was English

    At times the ball appears to be literally stuck to his foot ............amazing close ball control!!!! reminds me of Kenny Daglish but probably better
    Must be in the top 5 best players of all time along with pele & Maradona

    People say he is better than Maradona ...... personally I don't think he is yet !!!

    But he is one hell of a player

    Very much enjoyed watching your video ...thanks for posting .... I can tell you are a big fan

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