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    Default Sunglasses Video Camera

    Hi Guys just found this link on Twitter.

    Thought some of you may be interested looks like a great idea.
    Sunglasses with a built-in video camera, 4GB storage and battery. Film 2 hours of skiing, biking, skateboarding, etc! Extreme sports.

    Look forward to your comments on this.

    Cheers from Mike

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    want right now.

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    Man these things are so sweet. I entered that contest you had posted a link to yesterday. They would get so much use if I had a pair. Thanks for the heads up!

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    Well Done Adam! And good luck. Personally I think your in with a first class chance!

    It would be fantastic if a forum member Won this. Oh! the competition closes 9am Tomorrow Monday 2nd July. so come on guys all you have to do is submit your master piece! Don't be shy.

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    Are you kidding 12 on ebay.

    I have key ring, pen, wtach, cigarette lighter cameras, all from china etc they work great.

    The black ones you see I use on all my cycle helmets I have eight in total, perfect cycle cams 6 plus mem card 3, I have even used vids for police as evidence of dangerous driving, have them facing forward and back, one is also on my dashboard recording my journey in the car, watch is good but the covert pens are superb, and are also pens.

    By the way the black camera is 45 in Jessops, 6 on ebay. (a fool and their money are soon parted) so always check ebay.
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    (a fool and their money are soon parted)

    Yep that's True. Just done an E bay search and the same spec is just over 60 with P&P. With some at .63p plus 20 P&P. You gets what ya pay for. Mind you if badamailey wins a pair he'll be quids in.

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    LoL winning goes hand in hand with the word free so I'm in... HA whether they cost 12 pounds or 12 sticks of chewing gum.... If they were to fall out of a gum ball machine, I still want a pair.

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    How cool are they !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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