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Thread: Best Pre-Built Dell for Video Editing

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    So without getting into all the boring details, I am in dire need of a new computer but don't currently have the funds to build my own at the moment... I do however have a $600 voucher towards any Dell product through my workplace.

    That being said, I want to start getting into video editing... I've never really worked with much beyond the most basic editors but I'd like to step it up a little bit. That being said, can anyone recommend a good pre-built Dell to run popular video editing programs (Sony Vegas perhaps)? I don't really need anything special at the time, this is really going to be more of a hobby for the time being.

    Below is the link for Dell's prebuilt desktops... (I'm not opposed to a laptop, just figured I'd get more bang for my buck with a desktop)

    Desktop Computers & All-In-One Computers [...] 687268&p=1

    Thanks in advance!

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    Most Dell machines will handle basic Editing software. In your case its what you can afford to go to. With a basic Dell package it comes with minimum memory so its best to get another few Gigs added if you can, as editors are very memory hungry. Some editors have 3D and HD included, for this you need a fast processor and tons of available memory. In other words a workstation now your looking at megabucks.

    Hope this helps

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    So you've got a 600$ voucher, what is your total budget?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bpotter908 View Post
    So you've got a 600$ voucher, what is your total budget?
    My total budget aside from the $600 is around 200-300 dollars MAX. I'd like to be able to spend more but can't afford to at the moment.

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    The Dell XPS series is very good for media programs. It also depends on what kind of footage on what editing software you will be editing. If it is very high bitrate hd or compressed H.264 it will require a lot of processing power. If you are using Adobe, aim to get an NVIDIA card for Cuda acceleration.

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    Ideally a PC needs to be quad-core, with 4G RAM (Vegas Studio is ideal for those just "interested" - it's almost fully pro at very low cost..try Amazon. Get v11 for 1080p [DYOR, se Sony Creative website]..). +Then your PC should have a dedicated Graphics card, like 500Mb or 1G of dedicated memory. Try to avoid a MBO that has "intergrated graphics" as this steals your working RAM.
    Inputs should be USB3 these days and an eSATA connection will be nice. Card reader for memory-cards.
    One area where you may have an issue is Firewire - this was used on tape-based camcorders . . it's out of favour now, so few PCs can handle it . . . if Dell has that option cheaply, it's probably worth including.

    The other alternative is to trade that Voucher and get a PC built to do the job properly, without a "badge" it should be better value. BTW probably stick with Win7 . . . until Win8 has the bugs removed . . .
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