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Thread: Vegas Pro 10 hangs when opening projects

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    Default Vegas Pro 10 hangs when opening projects

    Hello. I've registered specifically to ask about this problem because I've been seeking help in a few other places and never really received any helpful responses.

    So, the problem is that my Vegas just refuses to open projects. It's fine when I first start working on one but after that when I try to open it again it just reaches a certain percentage and hangs. And when it refuses to open one it refuses them all, even if they consist of entirely different media. Sometimes it fixes itself when I reboot, other times even that doesn't help and it just randomly decides to start opening them again after a certain number of days. I also try moving the media but most of the time it doesn't even detect that it has been moved. In the end, if neither of those options help I'm forced to re-install. But even after that the same thing repeats. I've even tried a different version and it still acted the same.

    I would be really thankful if anyone shared thoughts on this.

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    I would suspect from what you have said that you have some sort (unknown to me) system problem. So if you re-install Vegas it's going to do the same thing before long so have you computer checked over only once that has been give a clean bill of health should you consider re-installing. It could be something as simple at the hard disk is nearly full.

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    Aww, I was really hoping it was something else. Because I had similar suspicions but I couldn't really figure out what kind of error it could be. I did reinstall my Windows in January and I don't remember Vegas acting like that before so I also thought it could be something like that but I also really hoped I was wrong. Well, as annoying as reinstalling is, if I have to... As for the disk space, I have plenty.

    Thank you very much for the reply.

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    I would check your hard ware before you go down the path of re-installing windows etc. I'm not a computer expert so I can't say how to do this. You could start by making sure you have all the up to date drivers etc.

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    Might be a file is locked by some other program, so not releasing it to SV

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    Um...Pfft, really? I updated my nvidia driver and since then Vegas has been opening projects normally. Strange, cause I do remember updating it like a month ago because a game required it. Guess it didn't give me the latest version. But honestly, this is the first time a driver has caused me problems for anything so I wouldn't have considered it at all. Thanks, Midnight Blue, you're seriously my savior! :D

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    So it's all up and running normally ? That was a lucky guess.

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