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Thread: Best video editing PC $500 (Canada)

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    Default Best video editing PC $500 (Canada)

    I just signed up to this website to ask this question. I am a gamer so I know my way around hardware pretty well for a 17 year old guy taking Cisco courses, but I am confused by the differences between a Gaming rig and a Video Editing rig. For both you usually want a fast processor ( quad etc, although for editing more is better), fast ram (1600mhz +), graphics card ( gtx560 for gaming, quadro for editing?difference between quadro fx and gaming cards?), a motherboard with the ports and slots you need (USB 3.0, ESATA, SLI etc), a hard drive or two ( one super fast and one for storage. On budget), media drive of some sort, and PSU.
    That was pretty long winded, I apologize. But what makes the difference between a gaming pc and editing, is a gaming pc good at editing or vice versa? I was hoping to get suggestions for components also for a net cost if approx $500
    without OS and only the tower.

    Sorry if any of this confuses you, tell me and I will clarify.

    Thanks for any responses


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    Forgot to add, if possible can you please link examples from because that is a trusted local dealer.
    If it is extra work, please don't bother.

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