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Thread: GoPro is my inspiration! Got a big project for this Summer!

  1. Cool GoPro is my inspiration! Got a big project for this Summer!

    Hi, everyone! I must say, GoPro is my biggest inspiration when it comes to doing my videos! I've gotten tons of ideas from watching their videos, trying to make my videos half-way similar to theirs in some ways (but still have their own, different style), etc... This video inspired my Summer project!

    USC Ski & Snowboard - The Portal - The World Brought to You by You

    My buddy and I are planning a trip to a local ATV park this Summer, during our race break. That'll be where we get the main footage for the project... Right now I'm designing what you could call the menus. "Menus?" you ask... Well, that'll give ya a hint, but I'm not gonna tell you exactly what I'm planning. I'll say this; it's something very different, for sure! I watch a lot of cool videos (from GoPro, etc.), and have never come accross something like what I'm doing here. My goal is for it to become a GoPro VOD, but that's pretty big-time; but if my friends and I work hard on this project I think we can do it! We'll see! Meanwhile, I'll probably be ordering some more GoPro mounts soon, maybe even a Hero2! I'm about to send my friend, Daniel, an email explaining my idea here; he's great with photoshop, and could really help out!

    Unless people seem to be getting bored with this thread (LOL!!!), I'll keep updating it from time to time with pics, ideas, when I get my GoPro stuff in (and what I bought), etc...!

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    Ok, so otw to our race last Saturday I was jotting down what you might call "the script". It basicly had things I wanted to be sure I remembered to do with this project, including titles, music, etc... I have my first test/concept uploading now to see how it would look on youtube. I'm not gonna post it here, though...

    This whole thing is really just for the fun! Next time my buddies come over and ride we'll shoot for it then. I'm going to kinda try to keep most of the video footage like normal to keep it in the gaming perspective, but be like a more realistic looking...! I'm hoping to hook up with another film-maker/photographer I know of to help me out with the project, getting some awesome new angles and POV's! More updates to come soon! Peace out!

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