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Thread: Looking for advice for new equipment

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    Hi everyone,

    I'm looking into starting my own video company, with a focus on performing arts (music videos, live performances, showreels, etc), but probably be looking at making corporate videos, and maybe weddings as well (need many revenues while developing a reputation). I was looking for advice on good professional cameras and equipment.

    I already know what I want for post production, which is a Mac with Final Cut Pro, as that is what I was taught to use at University, but the cameras and other equipment they had wasn't that great, so I thought I would seek your advice on what would be good.

    I'm looking at raising finance from a few sources so budget isn't a major issue, though cheaper the better (I still have to pay back the money after all).

    Any advice would be a great help.


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    Don't buy your own equipment, rent it from hire houses, it's a lot cheaper when your starting out, especially when your just getting clients together. This way you can trial out the latest and greatest of cameras/tripods/lights/microphones/bla bla bla/with minimal investment.

    I'm greatly concerned by the fact the only tool they taught you how to use was Final Cut Pro, may I encourage you to look at the other software packages out there before commiting yourself fully to FCP, both Avid and Adobe make awesome software for Mac, that has a heck of a lot more power ( in my opinion ) and professional tools needed for a video production company. Are you able to download trial versions of the editors and at least have a play around with them?

    Oh by the way...Budget is the biggest issue in the world, Before you spend any money, Put together a buisiness plan, Work out your costings to the letter, think of all the costs you will be spending month in month out, I've seen far too many media start ups fall over in a year because they started drowning in all the unexpected costs that they never considered before spending the money on the kit. Classic example, Chap buys himself some top of the line radio mics, then realises he has to buy a license from Ofcom, that's a pot of money spent he had not accounted for. Please please please have a real think about this, especially before committing to a loan.

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    Well I was taught Premier Pro in my 1st year,then they switched over to Macs and Final Cut in my 2nd year, so I have experience on that, but i prefer Final Cut to Premier Pro. I've had a go at a few others, but I've still preferred Final Cut. Say that I don't think I've had a go at any Avid software, so I'll give that a try as well.

    I'm currently putting a business plan together, hence why I am asking now. I didn't mean to make it look like I was completely ignoring the budget, but I just wanted to see what people where saying was good without influencing them with a budget and ask about alternatives, etc. Plus I don't think the people helping me out would let me be so foolish,they probably wouldn't help me out if I was.

    I hadn't thought of using a hire house, but I've always liked having my own equipment. Might be worth looking into have a mix of both, so I can have my own for projects I only need 1 camera for, then hire more if needed.

    Sorry if I came off a bit more gun hoe than I am.

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