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    So once again i am posting another video to see what you guys think, i believe i actaully have improved a lot since my previous videos, tell me what you think!

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    You seemed to have put a lot more thought into your shots in this video compared to your previous ones. After 2:25 it's all black for another minute.

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    Soryy i forgot to mention that, i didnt even realize it was like that until after it was uploaded. Im going to be be re-uploading it without that black screen very soon

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    I especially enjoyed the shots from behind the tress, with the framing of the leaves and all that, those were interesting shots! as midnight said, it definitely looks like you're thinking about different ways to approach your shots. It may have also been visually interesting to run along side the boarders, cutting to close-ups of just the feet on the board to add something different in there too. Also, i enjoyed the choice of color. Good work, and keep working!

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    Woow Thanks for the input yeah my first intentions of the forest scenes was to run along side in the forest but i didnt want to sacrifice that for all the camera shake i would end up with. i decided i will keep that shot for when i have a glidecam. Also thanks for the idea about close ups, i have repeatily seen them in the longboard/snowboard video i watch. It seems to slip my mind when im recording and because it just me with one camera(t2i) with only one lens (kit lens) its hard to accomplish because i dont want to be missing any shots.

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    Much preferred this to your previous video.

    quite surreal in parts due to music selection

    Didn't like the music at first but it grew on me very quickly ...... gave the video a real strange feel (in a good way)

    Good job

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