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Thread: Glitch issues when rendering with Vegas Pro 11 (really appreciate any advice)

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    Question Glitch issues when rendering with Vegas Pro 11 (really appreciate any advice)

    Hello to everyone,

    This is my first post on this site and would very much appreciate any advice or feedback on the major issue I'm having with Vegas Pro 11.

    I will start at the begining....

    I am working on a documentary that has been shot through a Z1 in HD format and uploaded in HDV to a mpg format with no down conversion, it is currently going into post-production and being put through to edit.

    I have invested in a brand new bespoke pc of which I asked the computer experts at a local shop to custom build to run Sony Vegas Pro 11 to the best of its capabillities and this is the system they built...

    System as specified below
    Antec Midi Three Hundred with 620 Watt Antec High Current PSU -
    Intel Core I7 2700K {3.50Ghz x 4} Skt 1155 & Maximus IV Extreme MBD -
    16Gb DDR3 1866Mhz Ripjaw Memory {4 x 4Gb} -
    3GB Radeon 7950 HD Pci-E HDMI Graphics adaptor -
    System Drive - 1 x 500GB UDMA 600 16Mb Cache SATA -
    Data Drive - 1 x 2Tb UDMA 600 32Mb Cache SATA -
    Sony Blu-Ray Rewriter Drive - BWU-500S-WW -
    (S-ATA/BD-R: 12x/DVD±R: 16x/CD-R: 48x) -
    Multi-Format Card Reader & Writer -
    Firewire 2 x 800 external ports & 1 x 400 external port PCI-E Card -
    Windows 7 Home Premiun 64 Bit CD & Licence

    Once I set up the system I downloaded a trial version of Sony Vegas Pro 11 from the Sony creative website and it installed swiftly and with great ease. Using the program on the computer is excellant no problems whatsoever with any aspect of the entire editing process with the exception of the odd spontanious program shut down which is not a huge problem because it is a seldom occurrence and the auto save feature allways backs up the work.


    Upon rendering the project I allways come across the same problem with whichever project setting and render settings I use, the rendered file will glitch everytime that a there is a text title displayed over video(such as in an opening title sequence) and they are huge glitches which creates an incredibly unprofessional and unusable rendered video file, the glitches are apparent on dvd too. This is frustrating as I have a deadline to be met very soon for a trailer to be produced for the film which is done but I cannot produce a solid product with all the glitching, also shooting went over schedule not allowing me alot of time so I need to get the problem sorted as soon as possible.

    If there is anyone who may be able to help me with this issue, people who may have had the problem themselves or know the cause to the issue please, please reply and let me know what I can do to discontinue it.

    Any help or advice is greatly welcomed and appreciated, look foreward to hearing back and if there is any information you need to anylise the problem further that I have left out please let me know.



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    You will have to define what you mean by a glitch. May be upload a title sequence on YouTube for us to have a look at to try and diagnose the problem.

    Your original footage format, project & render settings may also help.

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    It would also help if you would specify in as much detail as possible (possibly post a veg file of a sample section - where we can add our own footage) exactly which of the four (I think it now is) Titler plug ins you're using and exactly how you are creating the title.

    As a side issue, I'm genuinely interested in the circumstances which led you to spend a lot of money on a computer to run software you have yet to learn and have not tested for purpose with a deadline to meet!

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    Hi, thanks for the reply,

    I a uploading a file to youtube now so will take a while, I have discovered that of the render formats I tried, avi seems to produce the least glitches(I would define them as a jump or judder on the screen) the original footage was shot at 50i hdv onto tape and transfered onto a hard drive as mpg files.

    avi render setting...
    HD 720-60i
    frame rate 25.000 PAL
    pixel a r 1.000
    and rendering at best quality

    I'll post the video as soon as it has finished uploading, there are only two jumps in the file I will provde the times of the once I upload the link


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    Before you go any further look for a rouge key frame in the position of the text or the pan/crop tool or even track motion if you used it.

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    Hi Tim,

    I a using the 'all' folder from the titler plugg inns and simply using a video timeline to position the text cover the video files.

    I was working with Sony vegas platinum 9 and rendering to wmv files for the past year and my old computer system became old and wouldn't run the program any more and this project was already in production so I invested in a computer that would run an updated version of Sony and produce high def image as this is the program that I more used to over avid and fcp, I never experience this proble using the more basic software so never had to overcome it until now.


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    I didn't use track motion in the track and I don't see a rouge key frame, do you mean a symbol where the 'generate media' symbol and 'pan/crop' and 'event fx' symbols are?

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    No if the text has movement you may have set the position at and a couple of frames later set it again You would have to click the animate button to do this and it doesn't sound like you did that. Open the pan/crop tool and again there could be a little diamond shape designating a key frame position, if you adjusted the image with the pan/crop tool. As Tim said if you post the .veg file he can have a look. I can't because I have version 10 which wont take .veg files from version 11.

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    how do I upload the veg. file? youtube wont let me upload the avi. I don't know why but I have uploaded a wmv. which has consistant glitching so here is the link to that just so you know what I mean. It's the first draft I rendered and is complete.

    bayo trailer.wmv - YouTube

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    is not** complete sorry

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