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Thread: Let It Rain - A Rainy Day Shoot

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    Hi Everyone,
    There was a hailstorm here a few weeks back. Luckily we had the camera with us at the right time. Our friends had a really good time playing in the rain, we tried to capture some of the enjoyable moments and thought of making it into a small music video.
    Also this is the first time we tried to pull off some ultra slow motion shots with our canon 550D.

    Hope you all like it.
    Please comment and let me know your thoughts.

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    I quite liked this, I found it kind of engaging. I like that you had a proper start middle and end to the video. On the negative side there was a lot of Twixter artifacts and the focus was all over the place. These issues didn't spoil the over all enjoyment of the piece for me but shows room for improvement on your next video.

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    I thought the opening cloud effect was good, and the Slo Mo shots, Try the water splash effects in close up next time. Some of the (None Slo Mo) scenes were to long and unnecessary panning. This could have been edited down to about 2.5 Minutes. The background music was good too. Good effort.

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    Thanks a lot for the comments.

    @Midnight Blue : Thank you. This was my first try on Ultra Motion with a normal 60fps camera, so i am still trying to figure out the right settings to get that smooth flow. I actually shot it with a shutter speed of 1/500 but still wasn't able to avoid the distortion. And also i did not use Twixtor, i did it using the native after effects settings. Will definitely try to improve on my focusing

    @CaptionWorld : Thanks . Yes i wanted to take some close up shots, but i only had a 50mm prime lens at that time, and i was really afraid to take my cam in the rain close to the subject, because the 550D doesn't have much of a weatherproofing. Will definitely try it out the next time,i will keep a zoom lens ready in my kit The music was 4 minutes long so i wanted to edit according to that. I just wanted it to be nice and slow so that you can get a feel of the situation. But you might be right, it might feel a little stretched.

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    If you shoot at 60fps then try setting your shutter speed at a multiple of 60 ie 120, 240, 300, etc...
    If someone shoots at 50fps they would set the shutter speed at a multiple of 50 ie 100, 150, 200 etc...

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    Thanks a lot for the info, will try that out the next time.

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