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Thread: What is Sony DVCAM?

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    Default What is Sony DVCAM?

    I've borrowed a Sony PD170 from someone to do some basic filming.
    I'm totally new to the camera, but can operate it.

    The literature says it takes Sony DVCAM tapes?
    What are these?
    Which one is the right one?
    There seem to be several models.
    Some of the tapes have a chip - what is this?

    And can I use normal DV tapes?

    Any help would be appreciated.



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    Default DV vs DVCAM

    You can use DV tapes to record DVCAM signal.

    Here is SONY official info on that matter:

    As a professional editor working with DVCPRO equipment on a daily basis, I occasionally use DV and DVCAM tapes with either signal on either tape format.

    Fianl result may be effected by the cameraman skilss, the camera, the lense, and of course the tape, although in my opinion first two are the most significant factors.


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    Hi, can you help? I have a bunch of mini DV tapes recorded in DVCAM format. I need to find a camcorder (preferably a low end consumer model) that I can use to transfer the footage onto PC.

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    DVCam is basically a posh Mini-dv based format from Sony.

    If your material is on tapes which are the same size as mini-dv cassettes then any newish* Sony minidv or hdv camcorder will play them.

    *(Newish meaning within about the last ten years!)

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    Brilliant! That's just the news I need...just bought a 2 month old handycam from ebay. Thanks very much for the information.

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