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Thread: WARNING - Anyone prone to seziures, do not view

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    Siezure Anyone? - YouTube

    I am/used to claim myself as a truck driver but as of recently I am working on making a demo and planning to bring it to Los Angeles with me around October/Novermber to work on getting a job to get my feet wet in a new industry. I made this video almost 4 years ago and got a good bit of feedback on it. Tho I know that no film is ever complete in the owners eyes I had spent roughly 3-4 months editing in the back of my truck every night after I was done driving. I got antsy and just wanted to get it up to get views and every time I watch it, I wish I would have taken just a little bit more time with it.
    I have made a few other films since this but nothing with a script or planning or budget and nothing in which I was trying to get attention with.
    I just thought I'd throw this up for fun. I have since begun using Avid and I am working to improve my skills as often as possible. Any feedback, even the bad will be heard.

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    I thought it fitted to the music quite well but that's not a complement for me. I found the music noisy and random. I think I'm just far to old to see any value in a piece like this but you did cut it well to the music.

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    Understandable, thanks for watching

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    You say you threw it up for fun, so I guess there's little point asking who you think your target audience is.
    Personally I quite liked the music and enjoyed the editing, but any montage in my book can last a maximum of 1:30, 2 min if really good. And then generally as a sequence within a more "directed" film.

    Do people really watch films of this style of this length? I genuinely do not know. If so, that's great. If not, that's great too as you can use absolutely the very best bits only to create a shorter edit.

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    I made the video, I believe 4 years ago. I do know it's a bit long (over 7 minutes long). And now that I have been studying film more heavily over the past 8 months or so (since it was just a hobby) I watch it and see how much should really be taken out... The end where I am yelling into the phone should definitely be removed... After the "I love Philly" part, I think I remember myself just trying to find filler to get to the end of the song, where I should have just ended the song.

    It's not my intention to be a film maker or director but I have just read Chris Jones' book, the Guerrilla Film Makers Pocketbook. I recommend anyone reads it!!! Currently reading When the Shooting Stops which is an incredible wealth of knowledge from one of the best editors to date - Ralph Rosenblum. Although I may very well someday go on to direct or produce (if I can be so lucky as to make it that far) I know it begins with grunt work, put downs, and let downs. Times are going to be daunting and I expect that.

    Thank you for watching, I really appreciate any input.

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