I am not sure if anyone can help but I am trying to edit a video shot by a friend using a Sony Hard Drive camcorder (not HD so have set the Properties accordingly). The program is so slow compared to previous editing jobs I have done for myself using my Panasonic HD camera. Also I get so far and then the program appears to freeze for what seems an age but perhaps 2 or 3 minutes and then starts operating again only to freeze again, this appears to happen when I am trying to carry out a particular task, for example import media and to be honest it is driving me mad. In a period of apparent freezing I have checked Task Manager and the program is working as the memory is shown as continuous change (between 450,000k and 550,000k). The only change I have made recently was to upgrade the program to Build 322. Any help and advice will be appreciated.

For information I am using a Dell Inspiron 620 PC with an Intel Core i3-2100 processor 3 MB and memory 2048MB Dual Channel with a 320GB Serial ATA hard drive (appoximately 50% space left).