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Thread: How to zoom in on a still frame?

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    Default How to zoom in on a still frame?

    Hi, I'm new here and also unexperienced in using Adobe Premier Pro. Can anyone explain or point me to a walkthrough that can show me how to show a photo in a slideshow, and then zoom in one particular spot? I'm doing this for my cousin's wedding so any help would be appreciated!

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    It's one of the simplest effects to do - your manual should cover it. You can view a lovely example of zooming, plus movement within still shots at:

    Make a donation, if you can. This guy has helped thousands of enthusiasts to improve their editing skills.

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    Thanks for the link! Those video tutorials are awesome. Yeah, I just started and I'm using the Premier Pro 30 day trial from Adobe's website so I didn't get a manual. I did glance a bit at the online manual, maybe I missed the section about zooming.

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